General rules
1. Using the services of CHAIYO Wrocław Thai Massage Centre is tantamount to submitting a declaration by the Customer that there are no health contraindications for using the services offered by the salon and that he has read and accepts the terms of these Regulations.
2. Massages are arranged by the client for a selected day and time. The client has the right to cancel the massage up to 24 hours before the appointment.
3. If the massage is cancelled later than 24 hours before the planned visit, the CHAIYO Wrocław Thai Massage Centre may demand payment for the agreed massage.
4. The Centre is open daily from 12:00 to 22:00. The reception is open until 20:00. The last massages start at 20:00.
5. The time of booking is the time when the massage starts. The client is obliged to come to the place 5-10 minutes in advance.
6. If the client is late, the massage is shortened by the delay time, if we cannot delay it. The reception desk decides about the possibility of transfer. In the event of shortening the massage due to delay, the fee is charged in accordance with the price list for the full massage previously selected by the client.
7. In the event of lack of information for the staff of the Centre and the Customer being late more than 15 minutes, the Centre reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
8. The Thai Massage Centre is not responsible for lost / left items during the visit.
9. Advice given by staff is not medical advice.
10. Only the client and the masseuse may be in the massage room during the massage. The masseuse must consent to the presence of third parties.
11. The client is obliged to inform the person performing the treatment immediately in the event of any discomfort or malaise during or after the treatment.
12. The masseuse reserves the right to refuse or interrupt the massage if she encounters behaviour inadequate to the place where she is located (sexual suggestions, harassment, aggression, etc.), the fee for the treatment will be charged as for the treatment that took place.
13. There is a resting place / waiting room in the Centre. People staying at the Centre are obliged to maintain silence and mute their mobile phones.
14. People under 12 must stay at CHAIYO under the supervision of a legal guardian.
15. In case of any health problems and complications, the client should consult a doctor if there are any contraindications for the massage.
16. Massage cannot be used by:
a) women in the first 3 months of pregnancy and one month after giving birth
b) persons in a state indicating being under the influence of intoxicants and psychoactive (alcohol, drugs, strong psychotropic drugs, etc.)
c) people with contraindications to massage

Gift vouchers
1. The purchase of a gift voucher is tantamount to reading and accepting the entire Regulations of the Massage Centre.
2. Gift vouchers can be purchased online as a PDF by e-mail or in a stationary location during reception opening hours.
3. A gift voucher is issued for a specific person, but after consultation with the reception, it may be used by another person.
4. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase (the expiry date is given on the invitation)
5. The holder of a gift voucher is obliged to book a visit in advance in order to use it.
6. The client is obliged to present the invitation to the reception desk before the treatment.
7. Gift Vouchers for an amount higher than the value of the services used are not refundable or exchangeable for cash.
8. The date can be changed only 24 hours before the date of the booked visit, otherwise the booked date is considered used.
9. Gift Vouchers cannot be combined with promotions available after the purchase of a Gift Voucher.
10. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash after their purchase and after the expiry date.
11. You can extend the validity of a gift voucher by contacting the reception by phone.

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